Polish Goods

Delivery of goods from Poland or buying in Poland recently shopping in America and Europe gaining more and more speed. When the price of branded goods have disproportionately high, the person starts think about the fact how do buy to cheaper and quality goods. Buy goods on ebay quite popular and is written very much on the network and various resources. We would like to introduce you to the topic, how to select, order and buy goods in Poland. More info: Slayer. It's no secret that a lot of goods from Poland has good quality and reasonable prices. A lot of goods from Poland, exported to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but also firms that are engaged in throws their margins, which is several times higher than real prices for the goods, plus the entire cost of rent, transportation costs, pay staff, etc. A very important advantage of buying goods in Poland, the timing delivery, which is several times less than with America and Germany, and the prices are substantially lower. The most popular items from Poland is a women's and men's wear, children's clothing and footwear brands such as: Wojcik (Voychik), Bartek, Coccobello, Coccodrillo, Mariquita, child strollers strollers transformers, cosmetics Taqiy firms like Dr Irena Eris, Bielenda Oceanic, tights Gatta, Polish Footwear: Wojas, Badura, Gino Rossi; underwear: Obsessive, intymna.pl, Eldar, Samanta, Gorsenia, youth brands: Bigstar House, Reserved , Diverse,, Troll, Top Secret Largest selection of these products and others is most popular auction in Central and Eastern Europe: allegro.pl.

The principle of this auction is identical to molotok.ru, auro.ua, or by Belarusian and Kazakh allegro, so it is very easy to deal with the principles of this auction, as product is exposed and how to make a purchase. If the buyer is registered in one of these auctions, he can make purchases on their own, but it can cause the following problems that must be borne in mind – sellers of Poland often do not send goods to the CIS and Baltic states – if sellers put up lots in our auctions, it is sometimes 90% of the most interesting lots are located precisely at the local auction-allegro – to pay for the lots to 99% cases, pay by bank transfer to Poland – the high cost of delivery to Russia (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.). Typically, sellers inflate shipping costs are several times – the language barrier, which is not as important in purchase as if you have problems – 'fear' when communicating with clients in Eastern Europe – the risk of a brick preslavuty instead ordered goods. You can also search for your goods to the platforms on which placed hundreds of online stores in Poland. The most popular platforms, where you can compare prices of different goods are-Ceneo and Skapiec These sites allow you to compare prices from various online stores in Poland. Of course, advised to view these sites online translator from Google. The meaning of simple sites, you enter you are interested in the product search engine on the site.

In order to know what the Polish word you can use the Internet translators or dictionaries. Compare prices at different online shops Polish Once you have chosen your products, you can refer to proverennomu intermediary to the supplier in Poland. With this service you can acquainted with the principles of operation, payment methods, warranties, and links to online stores Poland, referring to sales in allegro, as well as with various nuances associated with purchases in Poland. Pleasant pokupkok