New Discoveries

It is likely that some specialties or calls are sold in their science background, calls on all social sciences, natural sciences documenting fascinating new discoveries, especially genetic engineering, the human genome is fantastic what can be achieved with this specialty science, but their products are subject to a policy or market rules that do not allow to be within reach of most According to some research: “the major cause of pollution is the birth of human beings, words word less is say, the cause of desertification, the melting of the poles, large accumulations of litter, or artificial recoverable resource, it is humanity, if we add that is being increasingly talk of “quality human resources” “quality of life,” soon will implement a social prophylaxis capable of shedding few humans because they do not have enough studies to achieve the quality required to live in a system that requires cities to keep clean and filled the shelves to sell to anyone who can buy the products of nature. It is not science fiction or literary imagery, for what that man has not reached its maximum level of development and a new form of enslavement is just around the corner.

The Homonatropia includes within its bases to tourism both as a mainstay of the economic system as an industry capable of involving many people around and make the system more dignified life for all, dealing with human frailties, free time is one of searches today’s society, the work requires long hours to achieve the status and economic conditions necessary for survival, the survival was a matter of indigenous people, or even survive, to what extent human beings are able to work at the pace imposed by the system? And in the way of nature are part and despite the differences posed by ecology, in that there is a human and animal ecology, being that it studies the relationships of living beings with the environment, not really note the difference, all depend on the air, water, plants and live in community. This feature allows the integration of tourism of all human beings to start with the fact that one of the wonders of the meeting of humans is still wonderful to know and recognize, hopefully, never ceases to occur, otherwise we would be enemies only to find of the other’s existence. Ancient cultures regarded the work as being “painful” something should be done by people from the “mob” for many centuries it has changed but now the work is a privilege of few, and both people and employment are expensive goods, tourism from the most humble candy products to the most expensive hotel in the market are important regardless of their human resource capacity should only be equal living conditions. Homonatropismo Within the Homonatropia, the Ecobaremo is merely setting standards and monitoring rules for the reintegration of human nature, again because we live in large cells separate from nature, that is just a store, back because that return should not be to continue to predation, but to make use of technology, science and the human being to try to rescue and restore as much as possible. The Homonatropismo is in its birth stage all the statements made here should be reviewed in their way, and achieve greater depth in his approach beyond a simple way of looking at life today, is to project a different idea of ourselves. ..