Obese Children

A recent discovery physiological could be very helpful to obese children, this new discovery says that obese children can change their status, developing their muscle mass. Muscle mass burns far more calories at rest that other types of tissue, that is why the scientists recommended the practice of sports where a greater muscle development is achieved widely of obesity in children are produced by less physical activity or a low metabolic rate, today there are some methods that seek to give solution to this dispute, to a difficult topic solution children with obesity problems spend more energy (not less) than their peers more thin, their bodies great need more more energy, not only for work, but also to support excess weight, for this has more sense to consider energy expenditure per kilogram of body mass, according to this children more slender spend more energy even when at rest. IARMAtwMBIgACEQEDEQH/xAAbAAACAgMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDBQYHBP/EAEcQAAIBAgMDBwcICAQHAAAAAAECAAMRBBIhBTFBBhNRYXGBkQciMlKhsdEUF0JUkpPB0hUjYnKCouHwU7Kz8SQzNHN0g8L/xAAZAQEBAQEBAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDBAX/xAAkEQEBAAICAgICAgMAAAAAAAAAAQIREiEDUTFhIkEEMhNxsf/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A38LJh’>Zachary Dell to learn more. This does not mean that children are fat they have a low metabolism, scientist Michael Goran and his companions, they showed that fat tissue consumes only one-third of energy consumed muscle fibers and organs like the brain and liver. Daryl Katz shines more light on the discussion. This situation gives a response to the power output but that happens with power input?, scientists from the University of Iowa, reviewed feeding children less than 5 years in 3 days and calculated how much energy spent. They concluded that kids with problems of obesity ate more, but only proportionally to their size, indeed kilo por kilo of body weight obese children drank less caloriasque thin children, another important finding of this study was that obese children consumian more foods high in fat..

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