Napoleon Hill

Opportunities to earn more money to live in more comfort, opportunities to meet new friends and a potential partner to love and be loved, job opportunities, business opportunities, meet your chances of being and knowing who you are and what more you like to do in your life … Anyway, so many possibilities you can create in your mind evaluating possible new directions. As my coach says “the sky is the limit” (because I have had told coach do you?;)). “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone Our mind is limited by the belief system we have built throughout our lives in the form of prejudices and concepts that constitute the mental models from which we stand before the world. A mental model is a framework or conceptual scheme that we have built in our minds to represent our own understanding of the reality we see as a system of objects and relationships.

From our mental models, we observe our reality and predispose us to operate on it to achieve results. Since these mental models can explain how it works for us our reality and the world. My goal is to assist to extend the observation framework to expand your mind to new looks and then they let you create new possibilities for action to achieve the results you’re hoping to have and have not yet been achieved. What you need to think in your mind that you had not thought of before to create new possibilities? What “story” or “history” you need to tell yourself to spread out to new horizons? You might wonder then how I can open my mind to generate new opportunities?

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