Reasonable Expenditure

Waste of money is for us everyday necessity, it is so simple and natural, but if you are thinking about what to spend to correct. Even the richest man in the world could not have become so without the correct approach to costs, regardless of the value of income without the proper management of personal finances to become a wealthy man .Kakimi hallmarks differs truly understand the money man: 1. climb into debt. Debt refers to those dangerous and deceptive phenomena, which often turns into its negative side. To get into debt means to limit yourself in the future, creating the illusion of prosperity in the present there are risks creating a vicious circle from which escape is very difficult at times. 2.Samouverennost.

For a truly successful person does not exist stereotypes that are forced to choose certain brands of clothing, buy unreasonably expensive cars and jewelry. The truly successful and intelligent person belongs to pragmatics, it is better to spend money on the same product, but with a lesser-known label, and thus more realistic price. 3.Samokritichnost and real look at things. No money – only himself to blame, but so would think a successful person and spend all the time and effort to correct the situation, rather than whining and prosecution of society and fate.

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