Messenger System

A targeted micro-nutrient therapy can improve the immune competence now in winter many people rightly fear a looming wave of influenza. One thing is sure: you can do yourself a lot to protect yourself against flu. This includes an optimal supply of all micro-nutrients that are involved in the metabolism of the immune system in addition to a sufficient movement in the fresh air and a healthy diet. The highlight for a micro-nutrient therapy is to administer the right materials in the exact dosage as acceptable and even beneficial for the metabolism. And you can determine that only on the basis of an accurate blood test. A targeted high-dose micro nutrient therapy, which is possible only on the basis of a blood test proves as one of the best preventive measures against influenza and flu. An adequate availability of micronutrients has a central importance for the proper functioning of the immune system.

If an or several micronutrients in the required amount available, it comes quickly to errors of the innate and adaptive immune system. The other way around existing infections can worsen the micro nutrient supply further, E.g. due to a reduced consumption or an increased excretion of individual micronutrients. Already the suboptimal intake of a vitamin or a mineral substance can interfere with the immune response. The substrate requirements of the immune system is very high compared to other tissues, since the individual components of the immune system are subject to a permanent Setup and breakdown.

To combat pathogens in the cell, such as viruses, the body needs a special type of immune response, which is promoted by so-called TH1 lymphocytes. This type of alignment of the immune system is characterized by an increased formation of inflammation-promoting Messenger substances. Th2 lymphocytes promote the formation of antibodies in the blood. An overly strong TH2 alignment of the immune system such as allergies, occurs where much IGE is formed.