Saint Augustin

However, these individuals are, in turn, composites of substance, its I begin of individuation, and forms, the way as, in each individual, the substance if it organizes. In certain way, Aristotle plays the platonic dualism for inside of the individual. Substance and form are indissociveis, constituting a unit, the substance alone exist in the measure where it possesss one definitive form, the form in turn is always form of a material object concrete. It is the human intellect that, for the abstraction, separates substance of form in the knowledge of the reality, relating the objects that they possess the same form and making abstraction of its substance, of its particular characteristics. Aristotle tries to decide the impasse, still present in Plato, enters the monismo of Parmnides and the theories daily pay-socrticas of the flow and the movement. For in such a way he introduces significant distinctions as the problem of the being and the theory of the causalidade.

He considers that the difficulties and problems faced in this controversy is consequence of conceptual confusions. However, if to launch a intent and exempt look on its system, we will find gift the Metaphysical dualism that as much tried to get rid itself. It is not obtained to agree tranquilamente that substance and form have the same constitution, that the form is material. The understood historical period enters the end of the helenismo (scs. IV-V) until the Renaissance and the modern beginning of (the pensamente final one of sc.

XV and sc. XVI), approximately ten long centuries, it corresponds to the medieval philosophy. The philosophical thought is of some form submitted to the theological thought. Previous the Metaphysical systems are preserved. Saint Augustin approaches the Christianity of the platonismo, while They are Toms de Aquino makes a similar approach of the Christianity with the aristotelismo, opening the way for the development of the scholastic.

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