Exhaust Air Purification Systems

Exhaust air purification systems are canteens and cafeterias for canteens and cafeterias these days nothing extraordinary more. They are found everywhere, in every college in schools and even large companies. By full-time, all-day and longer working hours, people eat less and less home. Canteens and cafeterias are becoming increasingly important and guests ambiance and food are always higher. In the canteens is cooked all day to meet all needs of our guests. This strong smells that should bother neither the staff nor the guests arise throughout the day.

Therefore, each canteen and cafeteria should have a good exhaust air cleaning system. Smells are produced by Cook, FRY and roast or by already established fats in the exhaust air ducts. In roasting and frying fat contaminated air in the ventilation flows. The fat sets in the ventilation fans and ventilation ducts. This set grease secrete irritating smells and are above all highly flammable.

In addition may also hygienic problems arise such as molds, etc. Modern exhaust air purification systems filter the exhaust air by built-in filters such as activated carbon filters, bags and prefilter and submit finally completely cleaned. The built-in filters must be regularly cleaned and maintained. New technologies in ventilation technology facilitate the everyday life in the kitchen. A novelty is the exhaust air cleaning with ozone. It was designed for high requirements in the hospitality industry. The ozone technology is suitable for all kitchens and absolutely maintenance-free. This ventilation system is environmentally friendly and effective immediately. You can simply install or retrofit without special training or expertise in this area. This ventilation prevents the establishment of fatty deposits in the entire kitchen exhaust system permanently and sustainably. Also bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses are killed effectively without the addition of chemicals. Exhaust hood and exhaust duct remain free of grease and thus significantly reducing cooking odors. A further Ventilation is the purification of waste with plasma. It is still not widely used, but very efficient. The plasma technology within three steps all bacteria and viruses degrade by oxidation and decomposition processes and then stored in an activated carbon filter. Again, the air is absolutely pure and free from bacteria, viruses, micro particles given off. But where can I find this whole news at all? Internet today rules the world, therefore, can be found today even ventilation in different online stores. The Gastroplus24 is a shop for catering supplies. The team specializes in ventilation systems to self build. The Gastroplus24 team will advise and their wide product range each individual request can be fulfilled. The new technologies are cost effective and reliable. Because even canteens and cafeterias are always chic and grow the claims, the restaurateurs should quickly concern to ensure good ventilation of rooms! Nadine janoschka