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Our users can wont work with the software and at the same time look forward to functional enhancements and a modern design,”says Anett small share. New graphical icons that combine aesthetics with a unique pictorial language provide a still more intuitive ease of use of the software. Still, the DELECO was restructured module tree, the central element of the navigation within the software, and visually upgraded. Selection lists, symbols, which characterize the appropriate module group, as well as various quick selection fields contribute to a more efficient program access. Another detail: The user is shown directly in the module tree, whether new tasks in the form of reminder for him created a useful function, not only for the project management. The new interface offers, individual freedom.

Users between different basic designs can select depending on the functioning and usage habits. Still a personal home screen can be set up, the user exactly the metrics, evaluations or Information displays that are of interest to him. The joint research project gave rise for the further development of the DELECO program interface the DELTA BARTH Systemhaus GmbH with the usability in the competence centre for SMEs of the Chemnitz University of technology. The study examines how program interfaces must be, to be considered as intuitive and user friendly expectant as always more complex workflows can at times from smartphones and co.. With the help of an online questionnaire, the habits of users in dealing with DELECO were examined first. Then, individual subjects using eye tracking techniques were observed when working with the ERP software. This motion measurement of of view of the aim was to place himself directly in the user: which area of the screen look the user, if he’s looking for a piece of information? Which buttons clicks on it first, if it is to perform a previously unknown step? Questions such as these helped to demonstrate optimization potential to DELECO further to the To customize how of the user. The DELECO version is 6: 30 as a first step in the implementation of the results of this research to evaluate. The feedback of the users to the new functionalities of the 6: 30, as well as more results of the study are incorporated in the upcoming releases. The research project will be completed by 2015.