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Rio de Janeiro

A book neither begins for its first phrase: this sends the constellations of others, as well as the constellations of forgotten, remembered voices or at least heard. All book is the product of multiples and dispersed dialogues, many of which the proper author ignora.’ ‘ (RASP, 1989: 7). Still dealing with the analytical contradiction where […]


Ahead of the capacity to control its desires, the anorxica resigns what in the truth it is demand. This dynamics becomes each time more fragile the limits between the life and the death, but the anorxica is remained in this dangerous threshold, where if it restores an ominous game with the Other, in way that […]


Detecting events, whose Wirkungen are important for the subsequent earnings and safeguard of the company’s growth with a time offset the early warning instruments must be linked information and terms of data very closely with the company’s own strategic orientation as well as with the external corporate world. Even weak signals, i.e. only fuzzy structured […]

Managing Director Steffen Ruhl

Personensuchmaschine in November, with almost 1.2 million unique clients among the 10 largest roof offers in Austria. Frankfurt/Vienna, December 13, 2010: In Germany is one of the most widely used Web pages since 2008 Yasni and belongs there according to IVW with currently over 17 million visits to the Top50 offers. In November, has the […]

Munich Control

Proactively monitor walls decorate a good example that shows the control stations of many customers of JST, what huge success the big image systems promise, is the company T-systems in Munich. With a complete facelift”they provide in their control room in particular shorter response times. The Multiconsoling concept developed by JST contributes first and foremost, […]

Photovoltaic System

Harald Wolf Senator for Economics visited Berlin’s largest solar site Berlin, 9 December 2009 on the roof of the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Pankow Energieagentur (BEA) which build the largest photovoltaic system on a public building in Berlin is currently the Berliner. BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler visited Berlin’s largest solar construction site on Wednesday alongside Harald […]

Topic Ventilation Ventilation Systems

Heat loss counter type is planned a new building or to a building is completely modernized, this is the right time to consider the installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery consider. A window ventilation is often random ventilation and improves the air only in the short term. Almost all residential buildings in Germany […]

Security Management Systems

The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) finished the GSTOOL not more to develop the further development of the GSTOOLs the decision taken for economic reasons, has created considerable sensation in the world of the IT managers. If you would like to know more about Dustin Moskovitz, then click here. The BSI refers his […]

Professional Alarm System

Companies that work with Microsoft OCS, can use advanced features include alarm, evacuation and messaging now with NovAlert. The Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) provides the infrastructure for a complete business communication. So, the Office can be realized Communications Server IP telephony, video – and Web conferencing, instant messaging and presence management. The alerting solution […]

Cheap Compact Systems

Compact systems have changed in the course of time and are now in different versions. Whether for Christmas, or birthday, compact plants or even stereo systems represent an ideal gift. Some of us have to stand, others in the bathroom in the living room, because there are also mini versions, which reduced to minimal functions […]