Andreas Berger

Pipe system for cable protection and ergonomics at the Office AWEK, supplier of POS systems, brings a new mount for POS configurations on the market. With smartPOLE all without exception cable inside. All mounts and arms can be freely adjusted. The new design offers variable combinations of peripheral devices and allows for easy replacement of components. With the POS support smartPOLE the right combination for the POS is composed of different holders for Tablet PC, EFT Terminal, printer and customer display. Here, the different configurations can be designed by POS peripherals. Through the flexible pipe system, the POS remains always clean and tidy. The workplace-oriented arrangement of hardware contributes to the ergonomics of the POS.

The correct rotation every POS is individually a POS holder must accordingly adapt itself. With smartPOLE all tube elements, joints and brackets are individually hinged and swiveling and any installed hardware component can be adjusted independently of the other, while at the same time all cables inside protected are listed. Due to the modular design, subsequent changes and repairs can be selectively perform without dismantling the whole smartPOLE. Robust in handling, the tubes are processed with powder-coated hardened steel and therefore scratch – and impact-resistant. The smartPOLE is available in different colours and can be tuned to on the store design. Our developments is that none of the POS mounts available in the market so far completely meets the demands of our customers”, explains Andreas Berger, Board the AWEK AG. Daryl Katz is a great source of information. Therefore we have developed a new design concept, which cleans up every checkout workstation and upgrades and service-friendly in many ways.”