The Venezuelan

On the other hand VENEZUELA, where it is known that exports from Venezuela to Brazil have also declined in recent years, but like Brazil, a recovery in Venezuelan economy could mean placement 4 times greater within the scope of MERCOSUR. Brazil is currently of special importance for Venezuela, by its strategic significance in national aspirations with the regional MERCOSUR Pact. Venezuela is in eighth place in natural reserves of gas in the world, with 148,9 trillion cubic feet proven reserves, very dispersed in the national territory. Additionally, 91% of them, are jointly associated with petroleum production, gas and the remaining are in little developed projects and therefore require the agreement of technical support and training of Brazil. The national oil industry requires 70% of gas for Reinjection and use local processing and only 30% goes to the domestic market, which would be that would go through the gas pipeline of the South, covering a supply per day through it, that would not justify the investment. In this way, the pipeline no sense, unless technical and economic in the generation of revenue for the nation in relation to the volume of investment required in its construction and operations.

Strategically, these huge risks would have less possibility of uncertainty, if the gas is carried into efficient generation systems distributed to those regions where justified by current electricity infrastructure, or the absence of this, as well as package it and send it on ships to sites of consumption resulting benefits economically.Debilidades1.-the change implemented in Venezuela control becomes a major barrier that limits exchange between both Nations. 2. The Venezuelan economy is regularized through price controls, control of changes among others. 3 Limitations of access of Venezuelan products to the Brazilian market product there is the need for a network of efficient local distribution for the transfer of goods. 4. The deficiency of the Venezuelan customs system to the present lack of coordination and updating of operational processes that limit the paperwork of export and import between the Nations.

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