Recalls that the motivation the you have to look inside you. It is a fire that you can re-booting when your want. For example, a my I love dancing. Yesterday I signed up at a gym in my neighborhood in which classes of salsa, reggaeton and Latin rhythms. I went yesterday and not can’t explain them how great I felt. Only takes me 1 hour 2 or 3 times per week. Increase my endorphins that are so necessary to make me feel better. Exercise allows me to relieve the energy and pent-up tension.

Furthermore, as I like to sing and play the guitar, I plan to make a list of the songs that I like and find guitar chords online to play! This has filled me with energy and every day I do just a little bit. That connects me with one of the things that I like best in life, music and singing. (2) Try to see these changes and on stage as a positive in your life challenge, not a threat. Moments of crisis always disguise to a great opportunity; find it. What message brings this situation? What you have to tell me this stress I feel? Do that me is asking for my body? What is missing? What do I speak my emotions? What they say my beliefs and thoughts? (3) Looking for a friend or a family member who you trust and share what is happening to you, tell him your feelings. Share what you feel your current moment will lighten your load and you can feel content for that special person who has time to listen to you. You will see that you will feel you served with, that you’re never alone; You can always ask for help people who most want you and want the best for you. It seeks to share your time in meetings with friends; talk, sing, dance, do karaoke (that do much with my friends) enjoy the cheerful and mutual company that provides true friendship.