Official Gazette

Already in the Internet server the database is decompressed and puts into production.This OFF-LINE operation ensures safety in the the cooperative server, is not accessible, and also facilitates the cooperative presentation of movements stop.Users as well as administrators must enter validating your user name and password. The operations carried out shall be: queries of savings, current, credits and their historical accounts, queries queries loans deadlines and portfolio consultations prosecutors, request for transfers. Training model both theoretical and operational training is essential for the competitiveness of the credit section, we must not forget that in the financial market this product innovation to the order of the day. It is no doubt that initial deployment model classic classroom teacher student is best suited. But continuing product evolution forces to form one way continues effective and economical.The current training model uses media: face-to-face, telephone, email, Hypertext and the hypermedia. It has been precisely the hypermedia (video, animations, recordings) one of the improvements that you have been more thankful for users.

Using videos operator can exactly check such as elections and processes to run. Add that you for processes whose frequency is scarce (annual, quarterly) recordings are the best tool for correct exploitation of data.Interactive teaching and learning systems open up some new horizons in the training field. An adaptive hypermedia architecture enables custom multisesiones self-education. The initial level, post work, preferences or navigation are factors that will manage workflows (order and quantity) of the information. Updates and goal maintenance of gregarious is give the best service by reducing the temporal and financial costs. Internet services are again put at the disposal of the Secciones.Las (download and auto install) update of the implementation tasks are automated.

Download of executables is made from Internet servers at the request of users. For maintenance tasks by part of Gregal connections by remote terminal and accesses to jobs accelerates the respuesta.3 times. Corollary the model presented by applying Tics to the credit section offers all aspects: software and hardware, communications, operating and functional advice.Cost reduction and evolution of communication technologies have led to the exploitation and maintenance of applications by drastically reducing remote connections the response times and costs in the inclusion of improvements or resolution of incidents. Internet addresses credit Gregal Soluciones Informaticas S.L. Official Gazette section. state tax agency. Asociacion Espanola de Banca.