Spanish Medicines Agency

The Association of consumers in action (FACUA) has identified 28 web pages that supply drugs in Spain illegally. This tracer study aims to alert consumers of the existence of fakes that can seriously harm your health, in the absence of the guarantee offered by, for example, a pharmacy, explains Ruben Sanchez, spokesman of FACUA. In 2010, 88 pages were investigated and closed on the sale of medicines on the Internet. It is very complicated to get to close down these websites, since criminals suffice them to change the name of the site. Investigations, also tend to last for months. We want to make it clear that Internet drug sales was prohibited in Spain, so consumption of this type of drugs not only can have an impact on the body, but that in some cases they sell products without any effect, they are a scam, they claim since the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS). Source of the news:: Internet pharmacies measures tease of closing