Stock Market Family

SORT AND STOCK MARKET FAMILY Tatiana Conceio Cavalcante Peace SUMMARY the research is about the ascertainment of the Social Rights of the woman ahead of the Politics Publishes, therefore they are regulated in the Federal Constitution of 1988, however, the guarantee is the essential objective of the understanding of the paper of the referring woman to the emancipatria question. The subject Sort and Stock market Family reflects on the guarantee of the social rights, with the objective to analyze guarantee of the social rights of the women contemplated in the program Stock market Family in the community Stream Candy/Simes Son – Bahia. To consider that the legitimation of these rights does not contribute ahead for the process of Social Exclusion of a daily reality without perspectives of basic improvements for a reconstruction of the reality. In this context of construction of Public Politics, the social programs appear that condition the woman the title, however, they do not guarantee the constitucional laws. The employed methodology part of the interest of study for the community Stream Candy and is decurrent of the experience of serves as apprentice academic in the period of 01/04/2008 to the 30/12/2008 applies questionnaire of proper elaboration the bearers of the Program Stock market Family to answer to the objectives: generality and specific. Word-key: Social rights, Social Exclusion, Sort.

ABSTRACT The research you eat from the finding of the Social Rights of Women on Public Policy, because they ploughs regulated by the Constitution of 1988, to however, the security is the essential goal of understanding the rolls of women on the emancipation issue. The theme of Gender and Family social Grant reflect on the guarantee of rights, with the aim of analyzing guarantee of social rights of women covered in the family scholarship program in the community sweet creek/Simes Son – BA. Consider that the legitimacy of these rights you donate not contribute you the process of social exclusion on daily reality without prospects of beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code improvements you a reconstruction of reality.