Tracking Systems

Tagging and Tracking (finding and tracking) systems are used in many applications in modern life.The most recognizable for the common people are those related with motorways under concession, in which by passing through a portico, the Asset Tag of the vehicle reacts to the RF signal sending information to the portico. These applications implicitly are capable of measuring the speed and location of the mobile phone that carries the tag.However in more rough environment as mining facilities, the incorporation of a Tagging and Tracking application can mean the survival of who carries the Tag.There are two types of Tagging and Tracking applications: the first normal accuracy, which, before the proximity of tag allows you to: identify locate control open doors give notice and protect to prevent involuntary collision in the second application of High Precision large-tonnage machines, enables, combined with appropriate software, deploy in 2D or 3D information in real time the position of subject bearer of the Tag (vehicle or person) with very high accuracy ranges that configure proximity warning systems. It also allows managing the traffic inside an underground mine. If you want to know more detail about this topic visit specialized Sigma Telecom.

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