Windows Live Office

As a novelty of the social network more important today Facebook, announced a redesign integral on your tool to create groups (or network marketing.) If this is the case. But the modifications are not only aesthetic, but also represent a change when it comes to sharing content with others. A product built from scratch, coexists with the service as always but has a section to generate the groups himself. In the future, the idea is to migrate the old platform so that everyone can enjoy new features. Its main objective is to recreate the same groups we have in real life, such as co-workers, relatives, classmates, or childhood friends. It’s something that as we did with buddy lists, but the interactions and elements that we published, they were lost among the rest of our activities.

In this case, any group begins to remain private, although there is the possibility of doing so completely secret or public. Although there is an administrator, all members participate in moderation and have the right to invite to other members that join. Functions are similar to its predecessor, which retains the concept of the wall. The interesting thing is that group conversations via chat, as well as the creation of documents (with very basic format), modifiable in a collaborative way, best style Google Docs or Windows Live Office are now supported. Although we lose all possibility of filtering the publications (e.g., pictures, videos and links) and forums, groups receive a more prominent spot on the left menu, which is adjusted according to the most widely used. In addition, it is possible to generate an email address to send updates, as well as receive news in our personal mail box.

Surely, the new approach remind them Windows Live Groups, that incorporated in the latest wave compatibility with Messenger and Office Web Apps. In General, it is a very complete and customizable proposal, but it is not among the most popular features of Windows Live. Do you looking for Facebook with? This launch? The main goal is that we take these spaces to share specific activities only with the people we want, leaving the more General for the classic profile. But, at the same time, aims to eradicate one of their typical uses: join a group because its name is funny for us or because we agree with the cause that it proposes, but then don’t we accede to him anymore. Will it work?

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