Tourists in Egypt

In 2010, before the end of the season, Egypt expects to take at least 2.7 million Russian tourists. About this at the "Rest" during a press conference jointly organized by the tour operators "Natalie Tours, told reporters Ms. Nahid Nazmi Ayad Hanna (Nadin Nazmy Ayad Hanna), head of the Egyptian turofisa in Moscow. Such an optimistic outlook is based on the dynamics, which shows the recent Russian tourist flow to this country. "Despite the fact that Russian tourist market in the crisis year of 2009 as a whole dipped 15%, the Egyptian direction it showed growth in 11%.

Moreover, in the last winter season the number of Russian tourists in the resorts of Egypt grew by 39%, and this summer – By another 53%, "- explained Mr. EA Nahid Hannah. "From January to August this year, Egypt was visited by 1.73 million Russian tourists. On this basis for the year, we forecast a figure of 2.7 million tourists. And maybe even be able to work together to to reach the milestone of 3 million ", – added Ismail Abdul Hameed, Amir (Ismail Abdul Hamid Amer), tourism attache in Egypt, Russia. Thus in 2011 the Egyptian tourist authorities predict a rise in Russian tourist arrivals by 30% (!!!) This Egypt Russia plans to promote in the resorts still have unknown or not popular. First of all, we are talking about the northern coast of Egypt on the Mediterranean, as well as Luxor and Aswan, Nahid explained Hanna. For this Tourist Office collects feedback from tourists on hotels in Hurghada, as well as reviews on hotels Makadi.

Against the background of such optimistic forecasts, the tour operator "Natalie Tours" for the next year it decided to bet on Egypt. "Egypt will our priority for next year. The plans we have for the year to serve 100 thousand tourists, "- told reporters Natalia Vorobiev, CEO," Natalie Tours ". For this the company has substantially increased the size of kommitmentov hotels in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. "Only hotel chain Azur we have to guarantee 500 rooms each week, and from November to the popular hotel Club Azur , we will have an exclusive contract," – said Olga Vishinsky, Director product "Natalie Tours". To achieve the specified numbers of tourists, the operator also significantly expand the geography of their direct flights from the regions of Russia. So, this fall, "Natalie" will offer travel packages to Egypt with a direct flight from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, as well as from Minsk.