Werner Hansch Commented Blind Soccer Game

1000MIKES.com and meinverein.de make it possible for blind viewers locally there are ten places with headphones. For everyone else, 1000MIKES under with the live broadcast offers a great service on the Internet. Blind football online from WINS nationwide competition a competition organised by meinverein.de and 1000MIKES was blind football online by the jury consisting of Michael Stich and representatives of the two companies as the winner of the Werner Hansch action chosen. The jury says: the unique commitment of the visually impaired and blind makers was decisive for the choice of blind football online. The performance of the blind footballers should get more recognition and attention by this action.”www.blindenfussball-online.de is the largest portal for the blind football and official homepage of the German blind Bundesliga football. Speaking candidly Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta told us the story. Each radio can make on 1000MIKES.

From home or on the go, without special equipment, because to send only a telephone or mobile phone is required. According to the unique set up a channel on the website can be reported immediately live from your mobile phone. meinverein.de is the largest German online Association portal with the aim to optimize the club organization and the togetherness of the club or the Club with around 7,000 clubs. With a few clicks, you can send information on selected distribution. Also all Club members can on the platform easily share images meinverein.de, schedule appointments and publish reports.