Poweful Healing Systems

This practice came to the "Western" world, together with interest at all "Eastern". And as time has shown – no wonder! Qigong – can be interpreted as a vital force in everything. And indeed, those who practiced Qigong – gets energy as if from the air. Just making a beautiful, flowing movements. But this is only a view from the side …

the word "Qigong" has two words "Qi" is the energy, "Gun"-action, work, energy work or art movement energy. This ancient Chinese system, to improve health and treat the human body, which includes exercise, meditation, and different ways of breathing. Movement in Qigong – smooth, they can help relieve stress, reinforce and strengthen the body and promote a healthy immune system. Catching qigong can learn to manage their energy and mental state. Qigong – a purely practical discipline. In Qigong There are many practices and styles (schools): Battle of qigong, medical qigong, Confucian qigong qigong religious, philosophical and Qigong etc.

Each of these practices is aimed at lifting the immunity, stress relaxation at situations, increasing the vitality of the body. A person develops both the individual as a person. Enhanced creativity, easily adaptable to any environment, acquired resistance to psychological internal and external factors, increases vitality. Qigong can be practiced by people of different ages and different weight categories. If you start doing qigong at a young age, when the body is healthy, can be avoided many problems related to health. Qigong exercises are conducted in phases. In practice, it is proved that if one technique over several months, you can get the best result of its assimilation. In each exercise in addition to physical movements present an inside job, based on meditation, concentration and attention to exercises. Within a few weeks of practice, each person can feel the positive the effect of qigong. Anyone who wants to get physical health – get stronger, who are looking for emotional support – feel the harmony with oneself and the world. While qigong is a complex system that requires leadership, we can get started with some basic breathing practices qigong, as well as meditation exercises for healing. Incidentally, the site of "Super-efficient breathing exercises Chinese centenarians' you can completely free download book "Secrets of Chinese longevity." Later, in addition to the book you will predlozhenvideokurs of 9 exercises of qigong for the brain and nervous system. In general, I recommend to go to this site to issue subscription and download a book. In conclusion, I want to say about the beauty of qigong. This practice does not require any special equipment. Movement of the soft and lightweight, so even those with disabilities can practice These meditative exercises. Qigong for the most part is a simple practice, but mastering these practices it may take a lifetime. Qigong does not require any particular belief system and does not cover any religious ideology. However, this is one of the most powerful system of healing that you can discover for yourself. You'll also be interested in: Yoga to nachinayuschihShest Steps to healthy eating