Line Business Card

The new format of the advertisements, which the company E-OGO provides its customers can be called a revolutionary transformation of the advertising business. Now possible to greatly increase the effectiveness of your advertising, addressing her directly targeted audience, while still in a lot of time to reduce the financial cost of advertising. Biggest On Line Business Card" – a comprehensive advertising tool, essentially creative, not having analog format advertisements. Plays the role of an elite banner instantly redirected to your web-site of potential customers who are interested in the left "business card" information. During the 7 years of your advertising published continuously, bringing a steady stream of orders, and all of it every day, 24 hours a day.

"Business card" was created for people to search for products and services. You can be sure that customers are willing to make a purchase or use your services, get to your site and get the right information. Through the "cards" to your site will come only really interested buyers, rather than casual visitors. You do not have spend vast sums to give individual advertisements, which are forgotten the next day after the release. Not only will you save on the costs of the endless ads – the site offers a very special conditions of accommodation: a fixed rate does not depend on the number of hits and traffic! So, you ready for new beginning of revolutionary changes in the conduct of the advertising company? Place information about products or services you can, by scanning a business card or send it in an envelope by mail. Are you ready to send the application right now? Then you have a good chance to place your business card in the section on the first page of an advertising display, and output to first position is guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Today we stand at the threshold of an entirely new era in the advertising business. Hurry to register, and the first position in the advertising company nominated by your company to leadership position! Company E-OGO offer to make sure the first step to a bright future, and guarantees the protection and support along the way!