Successful Interview Job

Show that you are familiar with the company and its sector. Show that effort has been made prior to the interview to find information about the company. Present a positive attitude Introduce yourself as a winner, not a loser, much less like a madman. Defrost your face. Smile when it is announced to the receptionist and when you meet the interviewer. Must be a smile that comes from within and to convey in his eyes.

Tighten hand tight after a loose grip is very difficult to correct the bad impression. Listen carefully to not only be heard but must be seen to do so. There are several points that indicate a good reception: look directly into her eyes when the interviewer speaks, maintain good posture, do not mentally objections, take some notes, do not start or play fidgeting with his pen, showing a lively and interested attitude (nod your head or a small sandwich observation). Project a look that projects with its essence. Should not be too gray, but not yet striking.

Show enthusiasm. Show enthusiasm does not mean being childish or foolish. Try the salary issue carefully. If asked how much they want to win, you can answer with a question (as usually pay for a similar position), or explain that before they agree a salary, I would like to know more detail the characteristics of the post. If there is no escape, say that the salary is always flexible and negotiable issue and make a proposal. Do not talk too much or talk about his personal life. Think of the interviewer estimated that 75% of the time you should talk You and the other 25% goes to the reservation. It does not create a situation in which the interviewer has to wait. Ping Fu pursues this goal as well. There is no valid excuse for being late to an interview. If your first day will happen late in your working life? Have the interviewer likes you. Make the interviewer feel important by the way you talk or act. Many times, the interviewer, an examination of the objective, is guided to recruit a candidate for the impression that may have caused .*** For Ana B. Iannone-Cabrera Labour Advisory.

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