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Easily learnable application with lots of potential who is hot stone massage now an integral part of the range of massage studios and hotels. Smaller vendors (such as beauty salons) tighten more. Back pain and tension with warm stones face massage (warm stone massage) at the hot stone massage rocks from lava rock (basalt) are used. These so-called hot stones are heated to approx. 55 C and before the actual massage, and under the body. Target is warming up and loosening of muscles and deeper tissue layers.

In the subsequent part of the massage, tension can be solved effectively. Learn more at: Dustin Moskovitz. Also many massage studios and Spa Hotel customers appreciate this. Low cost encouraged increasingly smaller traders which cost to run a hot stone massage are measured on the yield potential, extremely low. About 500 to 600 EUR should be planned for the initial equipment: professional set with different sized hot stones approximately 80 to 120 EUR, water bath heater 120 EUR, massage table 200 EUR, massage oil and other accessories EUR 100. Customers pay usually 60 to 90 EUR for a one-hour massage, so that the investment has the hot stone massage is amortised after 10 customers easy to learn trading without any prior knowledge about books (such as hot stones, Dagmar Fleck), or training material on DVD can make continued. The costs for this are relatively negligible (approx. 20 EUR) and empower the learning contents to first applications. Following should the hot stone massage to persons of trust “rehearsed” are, to gain security.

Certified professional training and seminars are offered regionally. Compact courses last usually two to four days and can convey the last practical security. TrendShed offers high-quality massage products on for commercial and private persons. As a reliable partner, we work equally with hotels, wellness Studio and therapists. Beginners can the principles of massage with the help of the training videos easily learn. How to contact with. TrendShed GbR (C. Kaczirek, R. Lemke) Ronald Lemke larch 1 24214 Lindau + 49 (0) 17662228679