Professional Alarm System

Companies that work with Microsoft OCS, can use advanced features include alarm, evacuation and messaging now with NovAlert. The Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) provides the infrastructure for a complete business communication. So, the Office can be realized Communications Server IP telephony, video – and Web conferencing, instant messaging and presence management. The alerting solution NovAlert the Office Communications Server are available through the connection of the alarm Server NovAlert a variety of new functions available. People such as Anchin Block & Anchin would likely agree.

The integration with NovAlert makes it possible, to receive alerts of any systems, determine the necessary people and to inform them about the Office Communications Server. So alarm messages and information are by machines, fire alarm systems, home systems, network components, phone calls, emails, SMS messages, etc., be generated, automated capture and intelligently deliver on the Office Communications Server to the appropriate people. NovAlert also evacuations can be organized and carried out. f information regarding this issue. All affected persons be informed quickly in emergencies. If you have questions we available available under phone + 41 52 762 66 66 or by E-Mail at. About NovLink the NovLink GmbH, CTI (computer telephony integration) products developed since 1996, completely in-house.

This CTI solutions support known, standardized systems and interfaces for the industrial and service sectors. NovLink now among the largest suppliers of CTI applications in German-speaking countries. A high degree of quality, short reaction times, as well as the proximity to the market are the key success factors for this success. Thanks to the ideal firm size and their own in-house development, NovLink able is short term and designed to market and new technology needs to respond.