Photovoltaic System

Harald Wolf Senator for Economics visited Berlin’s largest solar site Berlin, 9 December 2009 on the roof of the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Pankow Energieagentur (BEA) which build the largest photovoltaic system on a public building in Berlin is currently the Berliner. BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler visited Berlin’s largest solar construction site on Wednesday alongside Harald Wolf Senator for Economics and sports Secretary of State Thomas Hartel and informed about the progress of construction. On an area of about 5,000 square meters, artisans have installed more than 1,000 modules. You will provide in the future more than 220 megawatt-hour eco-friendly electricity. The electricity produced should be completely fed into the public grid and can meet the needs of approximately 100 households.

“This photovoltaic system shows how solar energy can be used profitably. It is a signal to bring more solar modules on Berlin’s roofs than before. Berlin should be not only a site for the solar industry, but also in the Application character set”, as Harald Wolf, Senator for Economics, technology and women. BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler announced that the solar energy in the future will contribute greater to power in Berlin than in the past. “Many thousand square meters of unused roof surfaces could be used in Berlin to the heat or electricity and thus make a contribution to climate protection. Up to the year 2020 you can supply up to 50,000 Berlin households under realistic assumptions with solar power.” The Berlin Energy Agency already operates several solar panels in Berlin. In the Bornitzstrasse in Lichtenberg, the largest with a capacity of 110 kWpeak contiguous solar plant on a residential building in Berlin will be completed during these weeks.

It will generate power 80 MWh per year. In Kreuzberg and Adlershof the BEA produces already since a long time electricity from solar energy. As ESCOs financed, plans, builds and operates the BEA modern energy exchanges as a contribution to climate protection and for more energy efficiency. Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit is ceremonially inaugurate the PV system at the Max-Schmeling-Halle on January 21, 2010. Under, the Berlin Energy Agency from immediately a free photovoltaic-check offers. Building owners can quickly and easily check whether is worth the investment in a photovoltaic system for them and consult.