Munich Control

Proactively monitor walls decorate a good example that shows the control stations of many customers of JST, what huge success the big image systems promise, is the company T-systems in Munich. With a complete facelift”they provide in their control room in particular shorter response times. The Multiconsoling concept developed by JST contributes first and foremost, that makes it possible to connect the screen content within the team and the big screen. By outsourcing the computer in a special control room staff have not only a space saving, but to determine an increased ability to concentrate, that is due not least as a result, reducing heat and noise of the formerly existing computers. T the team worked on the restructuring of jobs involved and together a new arrangement-systems. The increased well-being of staff members and the ability of the team thereby promote efficient work as well as the big image systems. Flexibility and simple Operation characterised the innovative system.

It displays only something, if a response is required. The alarm function is the special feature of the large image system. In alarm situations, it comes automatically on the server, and indicates that an error has occurred. The employee must make the system no longer under complete observation, but can specifically dedicated to their work and thereby assured that she informed the system in the event of a fault. At the same time, a clarity that that wasn’t there before resulting from the large screen systems in the control room. Many monitors the workplace not allowed an orderly system and made difficult it staff to keep the perspective. Especially in stressful situations was not possible, a fast reaction, as it is now possible.

Another advantage of the big image systems is that all employees on the same knowledge can be kept and information in the chaos is not lost. The communication of the team is supported, which in addition to the sophisticated technology is equally important factor for a successful work. Service provider of the big image systems, such as T-systems, often determine win image, giving them a competitive advantage over companies that still do not have converted their control rooms, control rooms and control rooms modern and proactive technology. For more information, see