Original Pillowcases Fabric

You can do a great many things for the house, buying dozens of magazines on interior design and handicrafts. But this will not guarantee that your interior is unique. To make a really original things magazines do not need, need imagination and desire to make insanely beautiful and original thing. This article focuses on how to make the original cushions. Cushions, for example, can be made from the same fabric as the curtains. But this is a classic option.

I suggest you be creative and tie pillowcases. Yes, tie needles or a hook, who knows how. This will make your home an element of creativity, a piece of your soul. But many interiors sometimes this is what is not missing. How to make these pillows? The easiest option to take the yarn, suitable for color or to curtains or upholstery for the sofa, and tie front satin fabric, corresponding to the size of your pillow. Further, if you do it too simple, this pillow can be connected to decorate the same parts: flowers, colored squares, tied round buttons or the whole composition.

To cushion does not look normal, you can not tie front satin pillowcase, and add to it yet and patterns in the form of braid, diamond, open-work, etc. Or vyvyazat threads of different colors beautiful drawing. (That's where the logs.) Then the finished pillowcase can sew beads, beads, fabric applique, composition of crocheted flowers. Mistress here – your imagination. Importantly, do not place on a pillow all the above. Will repeat the only rule that applies to both tissue products, and products of a yarn. If the fabric (yarn) monochrome and unremarkable, it can safely decorate with additional elemeniami, making complex compositions, but, if the fabric (yarn) is itself an interesting and complicated, you should not use ornaments, so as not to overwhelm the track and do not spoil it. If this article interests you, ask for feedback on. If they wish to consider making such pillowcases in more detail, with diagrams and drawings this paper is necessarily appear.

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