French Foreign Minister

/ French Foreign Minister assures receiving emissaries of the Libyan regime who say that Gadhafi is ready to go. Alain Juppe points out that you there is a genuine negotiation NATO keep attacks in Libya during Ramadan if Qaddafi is not stopped. The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alain Juppe, said Tuesday that has received in Paris the Libyan regime emissaries who say that Gaddafi is willing to go, but pointed out that a genuine negotiation there is. Asked in an interview about if France negotiates with the Gaddafi regime, Juppe replied that everyone has contacts with the world and that the Libyan regime sends messengers everywhere, also in Paris. It is not a genuine negotiation, he said before noting that we receive emissaries who tell us, Gadhafi is ready to go. Let’s discuss. The j of French diplomacy, on the same line as the Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, insisted that exiting the crisis happens absolutely by Gaddafi in power output. It was considered that such a solution is now assumed by the international community, including African countries previously reluctant: the question now is not whether Gaddafi is going to, but how and when. As he explained, that would materialize with a real high fire, the redeployment of troops to their barracks and a statement by Gaddafi announcing withdrawal of power. A. from there, he added, the national dialogue has to be as broad as possible and include the various parties, including members of the current regime. The spokesman of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero, said that there must be a clear indication of Gaddafi saying that it leaves the power because he has to understand that it does not belong to the future of Libya. Valero, who pointed out that you between the emissaries of the Libyan regime that have had contacts to your step by Paris some say come on behalf of Gaddafi and others not, and insisted that there is no negotiation.