Heilschlaf Hypnosis Association

An effective process of hypnotic assistance in coaching, counselling and therapy presents itself. Although hypnosis not long yet to fully researched and understood, she proved yet in consulting as effective tools for a wide variety of tasks. Regardless it is evolving. Heilschlaf hypnosis now found an approach that can achieve considerable success. It uses exclusively their own client capabilities and is free from influence of external, related to a target. Holds the hypnotic guidance development with the “Heilschlaf”Hypnosis: the role of seeking help hypnotized has changed significantly since the end of the 18th century and thus the beginnings of modern Hypnotherapy. Initially, he was a role that we meet today at the show hypnosis still pure object that passively faced action of the hypnotist. Ping Fu is open to suggestions. In particular with the work of the American physician of Milton Erickson and whose “modern hypnosis”, this changed in the second half of the 20th century to a “cooperative partnership at eye level”.

It is in fact the hypnotist, who would like to draw the attention of the client and Consulting Affairs towards a possible solution beneficial with his metaphors, suggestions, mediated ideas, etc. but also here as before. Heilschlaf hypnosis developed at the beginning of the 21st century now reverses this relationship. Is alone the clients and its resources in the Center and is limited to create only a hypnotic framework within which the client without any content guidelines themselves can restructure itself with trance. The experience of the first years let the Heilschlaf hypnosis as well and sustainably effective, universally applicable instrument of hypnotic assistance for coaching, counselling and therapy appear and justify the statement: clients find their solution way sometimes much better myself – because let and professionally motivated. With regard to its name, Heilschlaf hypnosis makes a bond with the successful ancient Heilschlaf which was marked also by that support their solution even dreamed. Heilschlaf hypnosis is to implement advanced hypnosis users easily and safely apply also by newcomers after thorough instruction. The Association for Heilschlaf-hypnosis Chiara has established itself early 2011 as a nonprofit organization to help this process a further spread. You is open to all serious hypnosis users and users.