Take Advantage

According to some views, the failure does not exist. Because a person fails only if you stop trying to win. This idea is suggestive but not very reasonable. Human behavior always consists of attempts. And behind every attempt is either a success or a failure. That is perfectly clear. No attempt is without consequences.

When you try to earn some money: either you get it or fail. When you try to convince someone of your point of view: either you succeed or not. So it is with all things. It makes little sense to deny the consequences of our actions. We forget also that it is crucial to recognize clear whether the action was successful or not.

Do not walk with ambiguities. Click Ping Fu to learn more. For the conduct to be followed after the attempt depends on whether it was a hit or a mistake. Tenersele should not fear failure because they are part and parcel of everything we undertake. If we have a fiasco it must be said clearly. If not, there is no way to do something to amend the error. After all, if we refuse to have failed why should to learn or do something different? So say yes to the failures, they are telling us where not for the win. And, therefore, show us where we can find it. No failures are a sad or disappointed that we hide in shame. On the contrary, is the measure of how much difficulty faced by our projects. And that will also measure how much credit when they represent the successful outcomes. Failures do nothing to speed up the win. Because you learn a lot more of them than of success. One may even have hit by accident and not notice anything. But if it fails, auque is also by chance, always takes time to analyze the causes. And that’s why sometimes made important discoveries that catapult their actions to victory. Never miss the opportunity to fail. When you fail acknowledge that you have. And start learning from your mistakes, do not ignore nor dissemble. Because you may not have as good a time to realize vital details. But above all, advantage of the opportunities it gives you failure. Any plan brings with it new opportunities frustrated. Find them and use them to turn your setbacks into victories.

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