The ever-increasing fanbase of the free 2D/3D CAD software uses the freeware now increasingly commercially MEDUSA4 personal. Especially the DXF conversion has done to the users. Moers, Germany March 2, 2010: With the release of the CSG eSERVICES opened CAD Schroer the way for the commercial use of CAD freeware MEDUSA4 personal. This solution convinced many professionals who increasingly use the DXF and PDF conversion service. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta addresses the importance of the matter here. The choice of CAD users often spoilt for choice. The market offers a lot of free CAD software.

The functionality or the documentation of these solutions is often inadequate. As a result, only a small percentage of free CAD software can be used professionally. MEDUSA4 personal CAD schroer offers everything he desires the user here. The highly professional freeware offers an easy entry by the CAD Schroer homepage offered tutorials, forums or FAQ and convinces with a continuous documentation. In addition, the free version of the CAD software MEDUSA4 has a high Functionality, an import of DXF/DWG drawings and take into account all necessary standards, making this freeware especially suitable for highly professional use. Now even monochrome or color images directly in a drawing can be processed with the release of version 4.0 of the software. Download the free version of the CAD software MEDUSA4: M4Personal/r/115 pay-per-result-DXF/DWG conversion platform eservices.cad & ref = 115 the CSG Portal eSERVICES CAD schroer mid-2009 made commercial use of CAD freeware MEDUSA4 staff possible. This solution met high interest especially among professional users.

Since then, the number of users of the portal increases constantly and thus the number of users who use MEDUSA4 personal commercially. Most users come from Germany, the United States and Italy. The DXF conversion service can be sent through the MEDUSA4 personal drawings on customers and suppliers is particularly popular. The online conversion service is always available at: eservices.cad & ref = 115 in the innovative Portal every registered user receives access to his personal area and can then upload MEDUSA4 personal drawings and for a small fee in a plot-enabled PDF or in a full fledged DXF convert via PayPal.