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An extreme diet can be harmful to the reproductive system. Many women, desperate have the desire to lose weight quickly with the purpose of increasing their self-esteem, or perhaps the hope of being able to carry a pregnancy, sometimes resort to extreme methods, which will always have negative results. Extreme diet nutrition people that make extreme diet, tend to limit their food intake radically, are concentrated in an only type of food, for example, the cabbage soup diet. This can quickly cause nutritional deficiencies affecting all parts of the body, including the reproductive organs. Calcium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc, as well as other nutrients, contribute in different ways to the reproductive health as well as health in general.

A deficiency of any of these may cause amenorrhea (a lockout period) and may increase discomfort associated with premenstrual syndrome. You are nutritional deficiencies also can interfere with the endocrine system, which is controlled by the the hormones that make a woman having menstrual cycle of reproduction. It is nutritional deficiency also can affect the baby in the uterus. In the first twelve weeks, when many women do not even suspect they are pregnant, the fetus is developing its organs with the same nutrients the mother consumes. Low levels of nutrition at this vital stage in weight can cause premature labor, involuntary abortions and even birth defects.

Even if an extreme diet works, it can cause problems to long-term health as anorexia. Also body fat could drop to dangerous levels, in which the body is going to stop the process of fertility with the purpose of conserving energy. The effect inebitable Yo-Yo an extreme diet extreme diets generally do not work and cause what is known as the effect I – I. People that extreme dieters try to lose weight muriedose of hunger, and losing muscle in the process, as well as altering their metabolism, which will delay the purpose of conserving energy. Then, when the diet is ends, all the supposed lost weight back again quickly, and gain even more of what you had before, due to metabolism and changes of muscle mass. Weight gain also has negative effects on fertility, so upload more of weight while lowering your chances of getting pregnant. The more often you follow a diet extreme, more weight will end up winning. An extreme diet can never maintain a diet extreme it is also very difficult to maintain and the failure, as well as lack of energy, can cause high levels of stress and depression. This in turn will affect your reproductive system, and will be more difficult to conceive. Stress and diet can also cause other behaviors which limit fertility, such as consuming a lot of caffeine in the form of bicarbonate of coffee and sugar, or smoking. An extreme diet has many effects negative, positive, very few. Even if you ever lose weight, no doubt regain all the weight, and in reality can increase your weight in the long term. You have a healthy, balanced lifestyle and avoid extreme diet is the best way of protecting your reproductive health and lose weight.