UHL Control

Ability to save up to 30 different variants of settings the machine – the different shapes, materials and modes of casting – it is easier to re-adjustment when you change the form or material. Control sequence of operation of travel sensors and emergency stop in case of violations – to prevent accidents related to improper adjustment of locking mechanism. Function testing system (control of inputs, outputs) – makes it easy to detect breaks solenoids or sensors. The time control of the technological cycle and its separate phases with the fixation of maximum and minimum can check the stability of the machine. All management from one position (with the remote machine) reduces setup time – no need to walk off the rack (which is now not) to the control panel.

Small dimensions – a device within the system, placed directly on the injection machine, a separate check is missing – easy commissioning, less than the required area under the car, easy to maintain mechanical (rack does not interfere with the worker to walk around the car). Modules included in the system distributed over the machine, the connection between them – RS485 (two wires) – electric car is easier (less cables). Management components of the system is via a standard communication channel – compatible with various industrial controllers and the PC through the use of very common and simple to use channel RS485. Degree of protection management system R00, the front panel operator console IP70 as per GOST 14254-98.Mikroprotsessornaya control system operating conditions corresponds to the execution of UHL, the category of accommodation – 4 to GOST15150-99 for domestic shipments and execution – 0, placement category 4.1 for exports and operates at an altitude of no more than 3000m above sea level at an ambient temperature of 1 to 45 C, atmosphere pressure 73 – 107kPa, relative humidity (60 + -20)% in non-explosive environment that does not contain harmful substances in the concentrations of metals and destroy the insulation. The control system is designed to operate in conditions of vibration frequency from 5 – 25 Hz. And the amplitude of less than 0.1 mm.