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Rugendorf confirms new ‘IT-barometer’ of Exido under more than 1,000 IT managers selecting the right ERP solution involves not only the figure of specific business needs in terms of functions and individual processes. Another important factor for the long-term success and future business growth through an efficient use of the software is also to identify the correct suppliers and service providers for the company and the own market. Against this background, Exido in Sweden created several times a year comprehensive studies and trend reports to the Scandinavian economy and the IT industry since 2002. Over 1,000 Swedish IT managers to different categories will be interviewed for the prestigious annual IT-barometer\”. The title \”Sweden’s most popular ERP-system\” stems from the overall view of the individual evaluations of the quality and competence of the provider, price and costs, as well as to the performance of the ERP systems employed at companies with more than 100 employees.

The ERP-system Jeeves, the products the Norwegian manufacturer of Visma and Microsoft last year winner behind left, came already on the first places in the IT barometer of Exido regularly in recent years. In the Swedish market, Jeeves comes with approximately 3,500 installations currently on a market share of over 10%. The Jeeves ERP system, which is sold and serviced through a network of partners worldwide use over 4,000 customers in over 40 countries. Also in Germany, Jeeves is represented with its own establishment and a growing network of partners since 2009. The jump from number three to number one we succeeded because we efficiently support business processes, and because our system over the entire life cycle has the lowest total cost, which in 2008 was confirmed by study of the radar group\”, explains Bengt-ake algevik, CEO of Jeeves information systems AB. Furthermore, we are happy and proud that Jeeves a Swedish company has won this prestigious contest in its own country.\” Also \”Barbara Furthmuller, Managing Director of the German branch of Jeeves in Rugendorf, is enthusiastic: this title is also in Germany help us to convince more companies and distributors of Jeeves and our 2008 featured Deutsche land version for medium-sized industrial, service and trading companies.\” At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2009 Jeeves had already introduced universal release 2.0 of Jeeves the new major.