Identify Faces In Videos And Disguise

IPS VideoManager: 3-D-analysis software by Securiton with new feature Achern, November 09, 2011 – Securiton has expanded its video analytics software IPS VideoManager to an additional module “Privacy Protection”. As one of the world’s first software products, it allows to hide dynamic screen images from CCTV cameras. So, about faces of people can automatically spot and continuously unrecognizable, even if changed their position in the detection field of the camera. IPS VideoManager also has the standard functionality, user-selectable static surfaces, to represent for example House entrances, Windows, facades or public walkways, distorted. Expand position as market leader “we understand IPS VideoManager as a premium software for video analysis. Securiton developed for the automatic and intelligent analysis of streams”already more modules Securiton Sales Manager Frank Betsch says.

The obfuscation can pick up in records only through the input of two passwords. Time and passwords are logged by the system. Also, IPS VideoManager can limit activity alerts not veiled areas. Freely definable threshold values and object sizes prevent natural movements such as the noise of leaves or stray pets to alarms. IPS VideoManager supports all compression practices on the market (H. 264, MPEG4, MJPEG). The Securiton product is considered for one of the world’s leading applications for the image analysis of video surveillance systems.

The software is in many high security facility in use in power plants, prisons and forensic Misuser. “With the module ‘Privacy Protection’ we want to improve inter alia the possibility for customers, to use video surveillance privacy-compliant”, says Bajrami. “Public areas such as walkways, may be not clear to see on a monitor. Even with the pending agreements with the Works Council ‘Protection of privacy’ can be very helpful.” Modular design: there is also Plugin for fire early ester detection the software has a modular design. The plugins can be arbitrarily combined according to customer requirements. About IPS VideoManager allows to log, to track objects on multiple cameras and mark their way into a site plan (“object tracking”) crossing freely definable zones. A novelty for the camera control is the function to align dome and pan tilt cameras on an event, and zoom (“3-D video surveillance”). This is done by clicking in a map or the fixed camera image. Fire early ester detection, for example, in data centers, is also possible with a supplementary module. Security 2.0 with encoders for analog old equipment be encoder used even images of analog systems can be with the video analysis software evaluate. “The future belongs to digital technology,” said Bajrami. “Who is gearing up with encoders and piece by piece on digital devices debranded, avoids any build-up of investment.” If you are using Internet Explorer, you can file the right mouse button with “save under” download. In all other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera), the image by clicking on the link opens. Company description the Securiton GmbH, Achern, is one of the leading suppliers of electronic security technology in Germany. The company offers include fire – and burglary / robbery alarm systems, access control and video surveillance systems. Securiton nationwide about 300 employees and is a company of the Securitas Group Switzerland.