In addition to chocolate and the Sun helps another means to cause happiness in times where you need a little help in the development of mirth. The question in times of economic crisis is demonstrably the fascinating sparkle particularly large. Than proven cause any form of glitter an endorphin boost, which accordingly affects the psychological well-being. But also our current economic growth can halt hardly the desire to shine. Because long big and small has found favor at the beautiful Rhinestones, glass beads, polished pendants and even aufbugelbaren motifs, offered by manufacturers such as Swarovski, Preciosa, and unique. Be glitter can be almost anything. Even before car wheels, furniture or even porcelain, now no longer a stop is made.

And not long ago from a shiny cell phone of a rushing past, the Lady for a moment catch up whose looks have let? The imagination at the sight of such creations is almost going crazy, because you will find surely something, what is even more special and breathtaking. For example, the table for the next family celebration there can be themselves must do to put the guests in sheer amazement. Or how about a genre in the living area? Small accents on wallpaper or picture frames can be right but the heart beat. To optimally into action to implement such projects, there are online stores such as or, which have specialized in this subject area and have discovered the enormous diversity of this market. And it would be don’t laughed, if not every one of us would be able to bring a bit more color and shimmer in the otherwise dull life. And if that evokes the State of bliss, it’s related, almost a bit beside the point on this particular aspect, on what arguments the German economy participate every now and then leaves us. Ulrike Strube