Do You Use Your Imagination ?

Do You Use Your Imagination? Many gurus preach "the principles of copy" for small business owners. That is, they recommend not to try to "reinvent the wheel", however, if told to take a proven business model and copy it. Some also say that if you use your imagination just get problems. I personally disagree with this. I think a dose of imagination is essential to the success of any business.

The average person think that a business person is like some kind of gentle storyteller or its opposite, an extrovert in sales. The popular concept of a business person exposed by the media is from someone who is rather dull and linear in their thinking. Refer to them often as "stubborn" and "practical." In fact, many business people are buying this stereotype wrong. Still the "imagination" is the heart of business success. While large corporations must appear to be based on rules and regulations, entrepreneurs who initiated the contrary are without exception, are very creative and imaginative.

These corporations are still innovative and progressive topics retaining some imaginative expression. Napoleon Hill, and immortal in his popular book, Think and Grow Rich, makes a great emphasis on the role that imagination plays in business success. He talks about two types of imaginative faculties: Imagination "syntactic" and imagination "Creative." Through the imagination syntactic, a person starts from old concepts, ideas, plans and business models, and turns them into new combinations. Now while nothing new is created, the new model yields surprising results.

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