Daron Religions

ORIS: The Sea God and son of Aeriul and NIME. He was born with Sulatar first. As it is usually quiet, but sometimes it can unleash a terrible fury when angry. Is responsible to monitor the seas, to help travelers and destroy those it deems appropriate. He is represented as a huge whale that travels all the seas of Daron. TURUIN: The God of Fire and son Aeriul and NIME.

He inherited his father's power to end the darkness with their mere presence, but his power could be out of control and hurt more than help, destroying forests and villages. He is depicted as a warrior shrouded in red flames continuously. Silvus: The Goddess of the Forest and the eldest daughter of Aeriul and NIME. Its mission was to create, along with his mother, something that would lead to the reality that world full of life they loved and Gaehlia Siffrit. Thus, he created the trees, of all known species, and other plants to beautify the world and live in it, that would help other living beings to enjoy life providing oxygen and nourishment.

She is represented in the guise of a nymph, but much higher, with pale skin and hair green as grass. ROCH: The God of Animals and the youngest son of Aeriul and NIME. Silvus Both he and his mother, NIME, are very close to each other. The profound relationship between living beings, including animals and plants, it is clear especially with the marriage and her sister Silvus Roch.

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