Business Cards

i look innovations presented the i look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD Hemer, may 10, 2012. Business people and companies that want to make themselves and their products carefully as memorable, no longer come across images, films and presentations. After all, a great video is on first glance”much fresher than some dusty printed product. “In the representation of companies and products, whether in business partners or end customers, therefore apply: only a good presentation on first glance” attract the desired attention and remains positive in memory. Why so didn’t give an informative video with the own business card? Previously, this was at best an unfulfilled vision. Now the German company offers i look innovations the novel i look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD on.

With the handy, only 5 mm flat presentation medium in business card format can be played videos and photos in high image and sound quality. In addition, the video card can save as PDF files. To this purpose is the stable map with an ultra thin TFT display, 2 GB internal memory and a high-quality speaker fitted. In addition look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD that i can be of course, as a proper card, with its own name, the contact information of the company and multicolored printed with images and graphics. At Daryl Katz you will find additional information. I is so versatile as special advertising look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD. Companies will be able to present their customers with a map of product, promotional and corporate videos without throw laptop or Tablet PC, such as sales calls or directly at the point of sale. ive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden London not as a source, but as a related topic.

During such discussions there so far, that unexpected technical handicaps disturb the demonstration presentations via Smartphone, projector or monitor. Unlike in these devices can look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD presented the i the interested customers locally and is resilient to errors due to its robustness. So, the customer receives a speaking picture and Word card right”with all major Information.