Berlin Synthetic

CEHATROL awards three more site partnerships in Berlin in January, Jan – climate change, unpredictable energy costs, constantly rising fuel prices, irresponsibility of corporations, increasing unemployment – the global situation is dramatic on everyone’s lips. The energy supply mobile and also stationary, plays a central role in the search for solutions. On a panel discussion with Indian partners and interested parties of the system of cooperative of decentralised energy generation through the processing of sludge to synthetic fuel of the 2.Generation in India Delhi early December 2011 the Board Mr Frank Knauer said: the construction and care of plants for the production of synthetic fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues is a point of our cooperative’s innovative energy strategy. We will establish worldwide decentralized production sites, to create to anywhere nationwide schemes. This we provide the Know-How for the construction of such facilities in a licensing system available, so that worldwide everyone has the opportunity to do so with low equity capital. Everything is handled from raw material sourcing and sales, to the independent financing.

Licensee solves the regional tasks such as location (building site, preliminary inquiry of construction of), raw material supply in his country, takes over the site development, the Board of Directors, recruited the staff.” To licensing the production of synthetic fuel will reach around the world a new quality. It is a contribution to CO2 reduction and creates a dependence on oil and gas. Interested parties may contact Mr. Knauer and apply for a site.