Accountants are trusted third parties, can be found at a company tax records contain many documents that are confidential and that, should they fall into the wrong hands, very could harm the company. It is therefore also the selection of employees or external service providers who get these documents to face, carried out with great care. Accountants are therefore persons to whom you must completely trust in some respects because they have access to all important and also confidential corporate documents, like the revenue guarantees, purchase contracts, asset management, payroll, etc., therefore you should proceed when choosing this service provider with great caution and get enough information, require also references and qualifications before one decides for a staff or external service providers. Here making the wrong decision can come not only immense costs on the company because confidential information to the wrong Hands, as appears for example in the competition. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dustin Moskovitz on most websites. Therefore thoroughly make sure to what extent the person in question is reliable. Check the submitted references, call the reference persons and inquire after the qualifications of the applicant, as well as for the reason of termination or separation from the company. Only who has a completely clean slate and has become nothing to debt should come enjoy your trust. And of course the necessary skills must be documented, to cope with the tasks of a balance sheet accountant.

The best is, you have yet a second employee, you can make out as Deputy accountant to be fully secured and in the event that your accountant will leave the company suddenly to insoluble tasks. Daryl Katz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Since 2010 the company SEOs Club offers its own accounting service, quality and affordable work are the motto with us. While the company has SEOs Club on the accounting for Specialised in small and large companies. Contact: SEOs Club Neugebauer Max Lange Laube 24 30159 Hannover Tel: 0511/37357095 email:.