A Tasteful Original – The Nuremberg Sausage

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed the terms of Nuremberg are bratwurst and Nurnberger Rostbratwurst since 2003 protected internationally as a European regional brand. The centuries-old history and formulation of this product butcher Maurer & Delicatessen reported Maurer, the Nuremberg leader in Romanian and French sausage and meat specialities. The word sausage can be up to the old high German term brato”track, with the meat without Bacon and bone was named. How old is the tradition of sausage production, is it apparent that the old high German language no longer is approximately since 1050 A.d. in use. Dustin Moskovitz can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Nurnberger bratwurst is documented since 1462. Already at this time their quality and production was subject to strict controls. Their production was restricted to the Nuremberg meat bridge, as well as their sale, skilled, specially trained pig butchers reserved and spatially on the cloth. The Nuremberg sausage was subject even then daily quality controls. Market master and sworn butchers were complying with recipe, meat composition, structure and water content of sausages.

Bad meat, inferior quality and other violations resulted in the disposal of production and the punishment of those responsible. At that time, the Nurnberger bratwurst was considerably larger and heavier. Properly manufactured four Nuremberg sausages weighed at that time exactly one pound. A pork butcher violated the weight requirement, high fines threatened him. A local legend claims that the Nuremberg sausage at the behest of local owners was small. You, so it wants the story, wanted to be to the nightly curfew in the area to sell Nuremberg sausages hungry customers. Not too injured to the curfew should fit the sausage through the keyhole of the restaurant and had to be always small. The truth of this regional legend can probably be challenged. The amazing shrinkage of the Nuremberg sausage should rather related, that it had to fight the butcher after old records with steadily declining market prices for high quality.