Contemporary Temple construction in the framework of the OSTRALE09 In the Ostragehege the the OSTRALE preparations for ‘ 09, the 3rd International exhibition of contemporary arts, in full swing. The previous exhibition attracted approximately 8500 visitors in the former slaughterhouse grounds within ten days. This year the organizers will open the exhibition for the first time for a period of about three weeks, it starts with the town festival on August 14 and ends on September 6. For more information see this site: Ping Fu. A Greek temple – located in the Ostragehege is a peculiarity of OSTRALE that she occupied artistically different spaces and buildings in the Ostragehege and exhibition areas in the outer space and thus connects. An outstanding importance in the double sense the rubble mountain between Magdeburger Strasse and flood channel: at its peak, a classical Temple will be built from early July modeled after the ancient. In contrast to the Greek originals in the city however, no stone structure built for eternity, but a temporary building produced wood and Euro pallets. Total 628 Euro pallets are used. Conceived and designed the walk-through construction of Matthias Korntheuer, a student of architecture at the Technical University of Dresden.

“The palette as a symbol of the transport of goods in a globalized world is transformed to the module, composed the replica of an ancient ideal. Validity of outlives the symbol of the temple as one of ideal beauty and time will undermine. “, so Korntheuer. This transformation of sense of is reflected also in the title of the artwork: the student has called his work “The builders”, because this temple is dedicated to a God. Instead, its builders through their work create a monument to itself.

The temple has a surface area of approximately 8 times 16 meters and is just under 5 feet tall. Due to its exposed location, the construction will be that artwork, which perceives the visitors of OSTRALE’09 as a prelude for the entire exhibition. During the day a much frequented meeting place, becomes the illuminated Temple in the evening the luminous signal, with which the OSTRALE of the famous Dresden night skyline is a new highlight want to add. To the opening of the exhibition the Temple will be finished and (a) dedicated. Handyman wanted for all craftsmen and technically gifted offers a unique opportunity: you can with your expertise in the creation of the “Acropolis of Dresden” participate. When one has the opportunity to build a temple ever? The work is done voluntarily, the OSTRALE but ensures the catering of the temple Builder, also a work certificate is issued on request.