Rio de Janeiro

A book neither begins for its first phrase: this sends the constellations of others, as well as the constellations of forgotten, remembered voices or at least heard. All book is the product of multiples and dispersed dialogues, many of which the proper author ignora.’ ‘ (RASP, 1989: 7). Still dealing with the analytical contradiction where the citizen that it searches, it is placed or it imagined aside remark of the analyzed reality, in the search to disentail itself of the object, for analytical fidedignidade, exactly denying itself, displays Luiz Coast Rasp of form arguta: ‘ ‘ Curious or strangely, the historian denies its historicidade so that if he shows as difano servant of truth; so that better firm its place in the hierarchy knowing of, denies them the influence of its mundane place; intemporaliza the reason so that if it has as for it trespassado.’ ‘ (RASP, 1989: 22). Of this form, this discursiva analysis demonstrates a methodology, that even so cannot deny the proximity between researcher and object, looks for to surround itself of a theoretical instrument that makes possible not an individual perspective that locks up in itself, having social relevance for its demonstration of results based on data gotten through minute research. Chapter I 1.1. A Scene That If Presents. (Of where It speaks.) Inside of the scene that this research was relizado, we have the principle the history of the Round city in return: ‘ ‘ deriving name of the geographic accident of the River Paraba known in 1744.’ ‘ (COAST, 1975: 7). , that in etimolgica its gnese already glimpsed an atypical trajectory, as the fluvial geology inspired that it, more not desiring to restrict itself, needing the emergency its independence: ‘ ‘ In 1874 the first separatistas yearnings of the inhabitants of Saint are born Antonio in return Redonda.’ ‘ (COAST, 1975: 12), being distinguished in the called territory Valley of the Paraba, integrating the composition of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro South Region of the state of Rio De Janeiro.

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