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Diseases Pulmonary System

Classic massage in the treatment of diseases is recommended to perform before the sessions of physiotherapy and gymnastics. It is desirable that there was a pause in 1-2 hours. In this way we can fully implement effective quality medical massage and exercise gym and exercise. At low intensity and prolonged inflammation in the lungs and […]

Musculoskeletal System

Olga Anisimova, assistant professor of occupational and rehabilitation medicine Medical University rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, spondylitis, osteoporosis – these diseases are characterized by inflammatory and degenerative changes in the connective tissue (CT) joints and periarticular areas. In the approaches to their treatment, despite differences in etiology and clinical manifestations, there is much in common. There […]

Poweful Healing Systems

This practice came to the "Western" world, together with interest at all "Eastern". And as time has shown – no wonder! Qigong – can be interpreted as a vital force in everything. And indeed, those who practiced Qigong – gets energy as if from the air. Just making a beautiful, flowing movements. But this is […]