The Sunglasses – Sunscreen For Our Eyes

The sunglasses is not only the best accessory is the sunglasses not only the best accessory in sunshine, it is above all an essential protection for our eyes whether for adults or children, for a stroll, a car ride, a mountain excursion or a beach holiday. Rays of the Sun are a danger to the eyes and can cause damage sustained. Effective sunglasses offers tailored to the needs of the glasses wearer protection and optimum vision. The following checklists clarify thus: why is the sun protection for eyes and vision so important? What criteria do I choose a pair of sunglasses, which is right for me? Which Sun protection need children and contact lens wearers? 1. Why is the sun protection for eyes and vision so important? Intensive solar radiation is dangerous for the eyes too much solar radiation can harm the eyes.

Generally very bright and intense light, invisible UV light (up to 400 nm) and visible blue light (400-500 nm) can be dangerous. Surfaces like sand, water and snow reflect sunlight and reinforce the radiation, sand and water to up to 30%, snow up to 85%. Checking article sources yields Ping Fu as a relevant resource throughout. Alarm signals too much sunlight: the eyes can be strained or reddened, tears or the environment appears as by a veil. Then only one thing helps: avoid the Sun until the eyes again have calmed down. ding. UV rays can cause eye sunburn strong UV radiation can lead to painful burns of cornea and conjunctiva. Often, the symptoms occur only hours later. Patients can open then little eyes and should go to the eye doctor.

The cornea can heal without treatment, what can tarnish the view in the long term. Deterioration of Visual performance by blue light blue light can penetrate to the point of sharpest vision on the retina (macula). Studies show that it there to damage and strong visual impairments can often painless and it went unnoticed (