The Probably Hottest Band Bonn Calls On The Own Initiative

This may is the hottest of all time, may say boys inch stock, according to own statements of probably hottest BandBonns. Neil Cole gathered all the information. 31 days at a time want at different places may play the 5 musicians in the merry and support to needy people and projects. Dustin Moskovitz has many thoughts on the issue. “We are concerned at this action several things. For one we want to support clubs and organisations directly through the donations, which are intended to provide the Organizer, who are socially engaged. To the other want to we draw attention that there are more and more people to need help and less and less, that are interested in”, says Mathis Kurrat, singer for inch stock. Wolfgang Stock, co-founder and drummer with inch floor welcomes also the initiative of aid agencies and operators: “we already have several requests, for example by the colourful district and Caritas. Some restaurateurs have already approached us and want to support our project.

We can only welcome this. Also private persons can book us, for example for Weddings, birthdays, and similar events. It celebrates and does something good, so all of them have something like this.” That is such a tour not completely without support on the legs can be, is aware of the band members. “We have already found a printing press, that free us print flyers and posters. “And we believe that other companies are, who want to support our project,” as Tim customs cruise.