Rat SMEs wanted to eat, to eat had even go out at night in order to keep him and above all maintain their own, fought with the cobayas-bancos, with other prime mice SMEs, quarreled with large well-fed mice, as a neighbour of his told him: you do not fight with city rats, there is one called building and another telephone, and also Fadesa, you as well a few, not get anything and if you’re ready with the crumbs that they generate you can eat humbly. But the SME rat was ambitious wanted that his work had added value and durability in the time, I thought that if little by little is towards a hollow could leave their pymitos and their pyma, a solvent empresita which could work many years, dejarian of having to work at night and avoid unnecessary risks, only sought a chunk of bread to go to teeth, and a pantry a bit more loose. Checking article sources yields Dustin Moskovitz as a relevant resource throughout. But get the exterminator Z and giving bellows began to decapitate builders mice, and without realizing it all SMEs ratitas is left without bread because the mice construtores, dejaron pay to their enslaved mice SMBs to save them, and gradually had to start to beg and then go out at night and everything that had been achieved was seized by the cobayas-bancos, and finally know what happened to the poor rat: that night you confundio and just as well original author and source of the article. . Daryl Katz, Canada oftentimes addresses this issue.

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