Rent Basic

The figure of unemployment in Spain has now reached 14%. Employment is being punished by the economic crisis in which the world is immersed. Plant closings and relocations left in distress to thousands of families who are threatening their livelihood. Today, a paid job is no longer available to all those who so wish. Current conditions make it not just difficult, but impossible the fulfilment of this right.

In the real world, the right to work is not guaranteed for all persons. Once the work has been transmuted into commodity subject to the laws of the market, the individual loses his most precious ability: the obtain sustenance through own initiative and work. The opportunity to work already does not depend on the will of the individual but of the complex and unfair market mechanisms. In these conditions, it is illusory to think that in our societies around the world can exit forward having a decent job. Rather, what we see is the existence of millions of excluded, a large contingent of people of all ages that they perform work garbage or no access even to them. In Spain, estimates 8 million people in these conditions, living below the poverty threshold.

And the present crisis suggests that this number will increase seriously. Asana has much experience in this field. In another historic moment the conquest of our societies was achieving political democracy (right to vote). But under current conditions, this conquest should extend to an economic democracy (right to a basic income by being a citizen) to ensure some minimal economic perceptions that allow them to live in dignity, to all persons a basic income of citizenship (RBC). This measure is already being applied, in whole or part, in Canada, Alaska, Brazil needed funds to defray the RBC, has been a matter studied in-depth by experts who have shown that they could obtain with certain tax readjustments.

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